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Daniel Bonnell, The Baptism of Jesus, 2 (detail)

The longest journey is the journey inward.
Dag Hammarsköld
We live in a time of rapid, discontinuous, and chaotic change. Our structures are not sufficient to support the transformation that change demands. Our training has not equipped us for the journey on which we find ourselves. Yet chaos is often the prerequisite for the in-breaking of God's new creation. For such a time as this, God has called us.

As Christian leaders, we know that if we are to continue to serve with energy, intelligence, imagination and love, we must daily make the journey inward that we might lead out of our core identity in Christ. Nothing else will suffice.

Being precedes doing. Character matters. If our sense of call is to remain vibrant and alive, it must be born out of the reservoir of our relationship with the Triune God.

The heresy of the urgent would have us to believe that we don't have time for the inward journey. Such a belief both depletes us personally and deprives our teams of our best selves. Yet Dee Hawk, Laureate, Business Hall of Fame, challenges us as leaders to "invest 50% of our leadership amperage into the task of leading ourselves; and the remaining 50% should be divided into leading down, leading up, and leading laterally." How many of us actually do that?

My call as a pastor-coach is to equip you for the full journey-inward, upward, and outward-that you might make the forward journey with joy in the strength of the Lord. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

with joy,

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